Instead of just being one of many trekking companies Beyond Borders – Ethical Adventures is formed as a social enterprise with the aim of supporting local people and develop a sustainable tourism line in Nepal by spreading the tourism to the remote and unexplored parts of the country where tourism is still a rare phenomenon. The country still has so many unexplored places where tourism yet didn’t reach and to visit them is like stepping into a fairytale. We encourage you to ask us for an unusual journey in the remote parts of the country – we will make it unforgettable!

Beyond Borders – Ethical Adventures is working together with many small and big NGOs in Nepal and abroad and have a wide network in the development sector.

Our partners and the organizations we support are:

  • BAS Nepal, a center located nearby Nepals largest government hospitals. Patients are coming from far away to get treatment here but they don’t have enough money for the hotels and restaurants that they are expected to stay at during the time of treatment. These people can get free accommodation and two meals a day at BAS until their treatment is completed.
  • Classrooms in the Clouds, a UK based organization who are building and running several schools in the districts of Dolakha and Solukhumbhu.
  • HRDC (Hospital and Rehabilitation Center for Disabled Children), a big hospital working to treat and rehabilitate underprivileged children with physical handicaps all over Nepal.
  • Föreningen för Gatubarn i Nepal, a Swedish organization with several development projects in Nepal, mainly focused on education.
  • Karmaflights, an organization working in supporting schools with libraries and other necessary material in Gorkha district.

Beyond Borders Ethical Adventures are also working for development in a post earthquake internal refugee camp in Dhading district for the displaced people of Lapa.

Beyond Borders Ethical Adventures are proud members of ECPATs the Code, an organization working against child sex tourism. We have signed the agreement and have developed a strategy contract. We also make sure all of our staff get training in the subject in English or in Nepali.

As our guest, we always welcome and encourage you to visit our projects and partners. If you want a truly special tour in real Nepal we are the company to choose!

Staff policies

Beyond Borders are following the 5 guidelines set up by International Porter Protection Group and are always trying to find ways to improve the conditions for all of our staff. We see our staff, would it be cook, sherpa, porter or trekking guide as equal, which means that no one receives more benefits than another one because of social status or duty.

In Nepal tourism is one of the main industries and for the country to develop and benefit from that we guarantee fair salaries and good conditions for all of our staff. By going with us you can be sure that the money you spent on a wonderful vacation stays in the country and goes to someone who really is in need of them.

Beyond Borders are concerned about environmental issues and are always trying to follow the policy “Take nothing but photos – leave nothing but footprints” to minimize the negative aspects of tourism. We are providing environmental and cultural information to our guests and we make sure that our staff also understands the importance of protecting the environment. By doing this we are trying to implement the necessary steps for a sustainable tourism industry in Nepal.

Deforestation is a big problem in Nepal where most households, as well as trekking teahouses, are still cooking over open fire. To do something about this as a tourist or as a trekking agency is difficult as we are a part of the problem: we need the food and the heat after a long days walk. However we are supporting organizations replanting trees and we encourage our guests to do the same. Another thing you can do practically to not be a part of this growing problem is to lend a helping hand to your teahouse and go out to look for dead wood.

Beyond Borders have been active in the earthquake relief aid since the April 2015 disaster. We have provided earthquake victims with emergency aids such as tarpaulins, tin roofs, food, hygiene articles and we are now in the progress of building a public water tank and tap which will be used by a whole village in lack of sufficient water supply in the district of Dolakha.

Most of our staff is from earthquake affected areas and in general all of them have lost their homes. We are trying to make sure that they get the work and salary they need to progress in rebuilding their homes and their former stability.

Beyond Borders are also cooperating with Nepals best orthopedic hospital for children with physical diabilities, namely HRDC, Hospital and Rehabilitation Center for Disabled Children, in Banepa. Among other work they do they organize mobile camps in remote areas to reach out to the children suffering from orthopedic disabilities in the countryside and Beyond Borders Ethical Adventures are always trying to help in looking for sponsors for these camps and for HRDC’s other work. We are also helping some former patients at HRDC to get a better future by giving them an education.

Another project Beyond Borders Ethical Adventures are much involved in is the refugee camp for displaced earthquake victims in Salyantar. The families have a very difficult situation where their village is threatened by landslides and they are foced to stay in a dry and dusty refugee camp without any possibility to provide for themselves but to crush stones by hand for very small money. If you want to know nore on the situation of the displaced people of Lapa you are welcome to download our report Kapurgaun and its displaced people.

By traveling with us you also support our projects!


Beyond Borders as one of very few Nepalese companies has signed ECPATs  “Code of Conduct for the Protection of Children from Sexual Exploitation in Travel and Tourism”

This means among other things that we educate all of our staff in the issue of child exploitation, we ask the hotels we use what policy they have about letting people with children they are not related to stay there and we inform our guests about where to report if they suspect that a child has been exploited.

Abuse and exploitation of children is Nepal is a big problem and it is everyone’s responsibility to act against that!

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