About Bhutan

A small Himalayan kingdom where things are doing differently and awesomely in identical compute. By law 60% of the whole country is protected national forest. It actually release more carbon that it uses, which makes Bhutan tours perfect for travelers, Buddhist monastery-lovers, Buddhist pilgrims and the purely interested in cultures.

Bhutan Trekking allows the traveler to get off the beaten track and on to the amazing Bhutanese landscapes. About 80% of the landscape in Bhutan is covered by forests and will lead you to absolute wilderness were you come across diverse vegetation zones. Most of the treks routes run through protected areas and will have lot of chances to see wild life in its natural habitats.

The Bhutan treks range from short comforting walks throughout terraced fields and tranquil settlements to some of the most strenuous high altitude treks. Bhutan runs low altitude treks above 3100m to and high altitude treks like Druk Path Trek about 5400m plus crosswise various mostly needle-leaved forests abloom with rhododendron flowers and sparkling lakes and the Snowman alpine expedition up to 6000m.

All the trekking in Bhutan is being arranged as Hotel or Farmhouse and some of the trk is only camping trips as where there are no hotels or farmhouse along the trails. The trekking camp is at chosen the place where there is plenty water supply to cook your meals and fields to feed your horses. The trekking crews are always with you to set up camps, carry your pack lunches, prepare tea and serve meals at the camp. You will trek with your daily basics important stuff back-pack such as medicines, toiletries and own supplies. Your heavier stuff such as tents, personal gear, kitchen and food supplies are carried by horses or yaks at higher altitudes. In Bhutan the do not rely on porters.

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