Our Mission 

our mission is to make great list of happy clients we believed that clients (customers) will be our best diplomats in the world. So we try our best to provide you the Tailor-made services and trips which suites and needs each and every single client. We will make every effort to maintain our reputations as a travel company that provides highest quality services. Assurances the custom make itineraries a high level convenience, possibly comfort and reliability. We are here and happy to take out and make your trip hassles free schedule to succeed our mission.

Our large group of experienced Mountain Leaders, Guides and porters has long experience in the travel and tourism field – as much as 18 years and more.

The hotels and accommodation we use have been tested many times and are recommended by large number of travelers.

We are a personalized Trekking agency and response to our clients as soon as possible to meet their needs.
We provide the best deals in hotels, airlines, and transportation for our clients.
We are a well-recognized service provider in Nepal’s tourism industry.
We are a trekking agency recommended by our clients around the earth.
We believe in sincerity and transparency in all our business operations.
We believe that our clients are our most important property and our best brand diplomats.
We believe that profit making alone is too short-term an objective and much too narrow a goal for any business.

Our Vision 

Our vision is one of the best leading trekking companies of the Nepal’s Himalaya and the ideal trekking company in Nepal for the adventure keen. Many people and travel companies are in tourism industry have the same vision but something makes us different:

Our +18 years along guiding line experience in the Trekking and expedition from the remarkable companies of Nepal and tourism industry. Personalize care of clients visiting Nepal, Tibet and Bhutan.

A group of travel specialists, Tour managers, Climbing guides, Expedition leaders, Trekking Guides, Cooks, Porters and we are well managed trekking Company.

Long term of personal relationship with connecting hotels, airlines and tourism organizations, We are recognized by major tourism organizations of Nepal.

Our Leaders and guides are personally have been to the remote trekking regions, tour destination and have the good familiarity of the different areas, history of places, cultures and religions.

We are a time company, and try our best to respond to your inquiries, suggestions, and ideas according you share with us. Our trips are some of the best value in tourism and we compete well with any single Agency with in Nepal.

We are one of the best recommended mouth to mouth Travel agencies in Nepal.

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