The Eastern part of Nepal is an untamed frontier, rising to a sheer mountain wall that includes two of the tallest peaks on the earth. In the far east of Nepal, Kanchenjunga clocks in as the world’s third-highest peak at 8586m. Further west, mighty Makalu (8463m) comes at number five. The foothills of these Himalayan giants offer some of the most exciting trekking in Eastern Nepal. Eastern region trekking passes through remote country that provides a flashback to what the most country have like when explorers such as Edmund Hillary made the first ascents in the 1950s. Trekking trails in Easter in Nepal follow a series of melt Water Rivers and streams, passing through a fascinating variety of landscapes – terraced rice fields, dense rhododendron forests, rolling alpine meadows and the desolate lunar landscape of the high Himalaya.

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