Don’t want to wait until the children are grown up to go trekking in the Himalayas? You wanna show your children the world and give them an experience for life? Looking for a child friendly country? Bring them with you to Nepal!

In Nepal your child will always find friends to play with, animals, children and grown ups who all will adore him/her! To make sure that your child will be able to do a trek you can choose to bring one extra staff to carry your child, or why not concidering doing a horse trek – if your child is tired s/he will have an extra dimension of fun riding the horse for a while.

Any child will love a visit in Chitwan National Park, searching the jungle for tigers, rhinos and crocodiles! He/she will witness unique cultures that few people experience or understand along with abundant local animals and plants.

The best way to see this part of the world, the high Himalayas, is to walk. It is without doubt, totally, indescribably, breath-taking, both visually and spiritually, and it will be an experience your child will never forget!


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