“Tourists who come to Nepal look at terraced fields and see their beauty but remain blind to the hard labour they extract from tillers.”
― Manjushree Thapa, Forget Kathmandu: An Elegy for Democracy


Anyone travelling in Nepal should concidering dedicate a day or two to learn more about the everyday life in Nepal and at the same time direct support a project or a village. This can be done through community based tourism or by staying a night or two in homestay.

Why not make a trek on homestay basis, to be sure to get to try all of the specialities of the region?

Or, in case you are interested in seeing the projects supported by Beyond Borders Ethical Adventures you are always welcome to come with us and have a look and learn more! Read more on our projects and social engagements here.

As Nepal has a big problem with voluntourism, especially at orphanages, we are not supporting any kind of volunteering with children as long as the volunteer does not have adequate education and can provide a paper of background check from their home country. For more information on the dangers with volontourism, please have a look at an excellent report by the respected organization Nepaxt Generation Nepal here.

However, if you are interested in learning more on childrens rights in Nepal we are very happy to conduct such a program.

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