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Trip Facts
Activity Level
Maximum Elevation
1600 m.
Trip Length
7 days
Trip Mode
Luxury Hotels
Minimum Pax
Best Time
All year around


This is the tour for anyone tired after a trek or who wants a tour for just relaxing. You will get both amazing spa and ayurvedic treatments and great views and experiences.

Short Itinerary

  • Day 1: Arrival and rest after the journey; Shivapuri
  • Day 2: Traditional Newari town; Bandipur
  • Day 3: Arrival in Nepals Tourism Capital and relaxation; Pokhara
  • Day 4: Ayurveda; explanation, consultation and treatment; Pokhara
  • Day 5: Relaxing on the lake and hike; Pokhara
  • Day 6: Nepals greatest stupa and sauna; Kathmandu
  • Day 7: Departure


Day 1: Arrival and rest after the journey

The local guide meets up at the airport and brings you to the picturesque Shivapuri Heights Cottage. It is a luxury homestay/ spa, perfect for relaxing after a long flight. From here we have a view over Kathmandu valley, 200 meters below us. The air is breezy and cool and the food is extraordinary. After a long flight we start with the best way to get into shape again; a 90 minutes Ayurvedic massage. Massage is helping the body to drain excessive fluids built up on the flight, it helps to start up the blood circulation and release the joint tension. It can actually also help to minimize your jetlag and make it easier to adjust to your new time zone. If you feel like freshen up you can have a dip in the plunge pool. In the evening we enjoy a good dinner from the homegrown organic vegetables at the resort, before either sleeping early or watching the view of Kathmandu by night from the hot tub.

After breakfast we make the five hour drive to Bandipur crossing the hills and following the Trishuli River. People are farming rice and bananas and it is green and lush. Bandipur is a beautiful picturesque town in wood where all traffic has been banned and the square is filled with temples and small cafés. It used to be a flourishing trading place established by Newar merchants, located on the way between India and Tibet, but when the highway bypassed the town it lost its importance and went into decline. The Newar architecture of Bandipur remains the same even if recently renovated and the bougainvilleas are climbing on the walls. From Bandipur we also get some beautiful mountain views of ranges like Dhaulagiri, Annapurna and Manaslu.

On arrival we check in at the Old Inn, a beautiful old hotel by the square. We have lunch and you get time to walk around and explore the town. If you instead prefer to make a walk up the hill to the trading place or to a nearby temple, your
guide can join you to show the way.

In the evening before having our dinner we get
to enjoy a hand or foot reflexology. Reflexology
is the application of pressure to areas on the
feet and the hands. Reflexology is generally
relaxing and may help alleviate stress. The
theory behind reflexology is that areas of the
foot correspond to organs and systems of the

After breakfast we start off on another four
hour drive to the peaceful city Pokhara, Nepals
Tourism Capital. Here we stay in the relaxed
area Lakeside at a traditional boutique 4* hotel
with large garden and beautiful spa department.
We will spend two nights here and this
afternoon you are free to take a walk and
explore the area.

Before dinner we get to enjoy an ayurvedic
aromatherapy massage where essential oils are
massaged into the skin. Vaidyas, ayurvedic
physicians, treated Indian royalty with dried
and fresh herbs, floral waters and aromatherapy
oil massage. Ayurveda considers the use of
aroma as an important tool for prevention and
healing. Practitioners use it for protecting the
vital force, ‘prana’; regulating digestion and
metabolism and increasing resistance to

We go out for dinner at one of the famous
culinary restaurants of Pokhara.

We start the morning with a yoga pass in the
hotel garden. After breakfast we go to an
ayurvedic clinic in Pokhara. The Ayurveda
Health Home is run by Dr. Rishi.Ram Koirala,
M.D. (Ay). He is a renowned Ayurveda physician
since almost four decades. Currently, he is also
the chairperson of the National Ayurveda
Research and Training Centre operating under
Ministry of Health, Nepal Government.
After consultation with doctors, the packages are
chosen based on the Ayurvedic constitution type
(Prakriti), imbalances, Ama toxins (Ama is a term
denoting a product that is an undigested form
derived from food that gets absorbed into the
system without proper assimilation. Such partly
digested material cannot be used by the system,
and acts to clog it, eliciting an immune reaction),
age, immune status, health conditions and many
other factors. We enjoy a lunch here prepared
especially in accordance to your dosha
composition and you continue with the ayurvedic
treatments in the afternoon.

Before breakfast we do a yoga pass in the hotel
garden. After breakfast we walk down to the lake
and board the boat which first brings us to a Hindu
temple in the middle of the lake. We visit the
temple and continue with the boat to the opposite
side of the lake where we start nice but uphill hike
ascending the hill to where the World Peace
Pagoda is towering atop Lakeside. Once up you can
opt for a short stretching pass or just relax and
watch the view.

We get back to Lakeside just in time for lunch and
we spend the rest of the day at Temple Trees spa
enjoying a relaxing afternoon of body wrap,
protein herbal hair wrap, facial, manicure and
pedicure before dinner.

In the morning we catch a flight back to
Kathmandu. We go direct from the airport to the
Buddhist area of Boudha where we admire Nepals
greatest stupa, an important pilgrimage attraction.
We walk around the stupa, see the monasteries
and have lunch here before checking in at the
luxurious 5* hotel Yak & Yeti, located in the center
of Kathmandu on the upmarket area of ‘Kings
Way’. They have a fantastic garden and swimmingpool, and a beautiful spa. Sauna (dry/steam/herbal) and Jacuzzi are included this afternoon before going for a farewell dinner at a nearby old and traditional restaurant.

The checkout time from the hotel is at 12, but you can store your luggage there and walk around in the town or ask your local guide for advice on how to spend the day until you need to go to the airport. You can for example choose to do some shopping or to visit the beautiful Garden of Dreams, an old palace which has been turned into a restaurant and park.

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